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Turn shame guilt and fear of letting yourself and everyone down into a life driven by


Explore how choosing to turn the frustration of ADHD into resilience can transform you to serve those you love, and excel at your life’s work

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Disclaimer: this is no fairy tale, or “be your best self” motivational program.  It is a serious exploration of your life’s meaning and purpose, understanding how the “executive functions” of how our ADHD minds are geared for survival and migration, not the modern world.  It is a stepwise progression of modifying behavior and our surroundings with evidence based (proven) strategies until you cannot NOT do them.  It is difficult in the moment, but extraordinarily rewarding for your entire future.  That future, if you are willing, can be unshakeable, resilient, and exceedingly meaningful for yourself and those you care about.
The decision must be made by you alone to enter the “dark forest of fear wherein your greatest treasure lies”. After making that decision, my job is to keep you from going it alone, and learning from others on a similar journey to avoid common pitfalls and find what works.  Is there anything stopping you from ending the cycle of frustration today?
“I struggle in ways outside what the typical self help experts and organizing gurus offer. 
Dr Gary Bullock has changed my life by coaching me to use my strengths to overcome my weaknesses and see my ADD brain as a built-in survival tool instead of my inevitable destruction. 
Using Dr Bullock's strategies and resources I'm able to break my time and attention down, alleviating the stress that normally cripples me.”

Sheila G., Business Owner, Manager, Mother, and Wife

About Me.


For the last 21 years it has been my privilege to work for my patients as a Family Physician.  Like the name implies, “family” comes before “physician”.  Though I love being a physician more than I could imagine any profession under the sun, the plot twists and unexpected challenges of family and being a physician in the current generation have culminated in something better, and very unexpected: ADHD Coaching!  I am the thankful husband to a beautiful, smart, hyper-conscientious and very skilled Nurse Practitioner, Stacie.  I am the proud father of 6 children.  ADHD has had no small effect on the family, and not all bad in the end.

Born and reared in Hoover, Alabama, after graduating from W.A. Berry High School,  I studied Biology at Samford University.  Prior to Medical School at Nova Southeastern in Miami, Florida, I studied Epidemiology at UAB, getting my Masters degree in how to prevent bad outcomes before they occur. I finished my Internship and then Residency in Family Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia.  


It was during my Intensive Care Rotation at the Medical College that my Attending Physician noticed a dichotomy of intense interest in learning medicine but not so much the pecking order of residents my own age.  Between blurting out an intuitive correct diagnosis on a perplexing patient, and then losing my pen, it seemed logical to get tested for ADHD.  Not wanting to deal with the stigma of the diagnosis, for several years, I chose to not treat it and just “squint harder” mentally.  Only when one of my children was diagnosed, did I feel the duty to pursue treatment, and understanding of this gene with which I had blessed and cursed them.

I began to notice many, though not most, of my patients with a previous diagnosis of anxiety and depression had similar difficulties with school, relationships and jobs.  For this minority of anxious and depressed people, they were constantly working harder to avoid mistakes, worrying about what they might forget. When asked about the depression, a common response was “ I’m not so much depressed, Doc, as I am… “ and they’d search for the right word, as I paused to build tension. Then I’d suggest “frustrated?” This produced a magic “lightbulb moment”.  The patient’s eyes would widen, they’d lean forward and exclaim “YES!”, followed by a deep breath of relief and maybe a happy cuss word or two, in the feeling of finally being understood.   

Since untreated ADHD individuals are at twice the overall risk of death before age 40 as non ADHD or treated ADHD folks, (not to mention depression, anxiety, loss of employment, divorce and other trauma), it seemed only fitting to devote the last 7 years to just treating ADHD.  Medicine and Behavior Modification are BOTH needed for people with ADHD to survive and thrive.  It is getting harder to find physicians to treat ADHD because of misunderstanding in the ranks of physicians about the nature of ADHD and the proven safety of medication.  It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find someone to COACH “Behavior Modification”.  Behavior Modification is the process of training lifelong habits one at a time from proven tools to avoid each of us “reinventing the wheel” in avoiding the otherwise predictable calamities that befall the majority of people with ADHD.

Nothing motivates me more than helping ADHD folks move from knowing what to do, but lacking the tools, to doing what they know; and being excellent at it!

Will you let the world pass you by?

  • 12 weekly meetings to learn what ADHD is, and how to thrive

    1 hr
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